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Monday, September 24, 2018

Bloodhound Books versus the big publishers

When I lived in London I belonged to an excellent writer's group. One of the members, who was a brilliant writer, had her first novel accepted by an agent, and quickly found a well known publisher. We were all excited for her. But it took two years for her debut novel to be published and six months for them to design a cover. By that time she had written her second, equally brilliant novel. After her fourth novel was published they demanded two novels a year and she became so stressed, the muse deserted her and she stopped writing.

My own experience has been different. After my crime novel was accepted by Bloodhound Books, I immediately felt welcomed and valued. Even before the editing process was complete they had designed a cover. The whole process has been smooth and quick.It once took a well known agent four months to e-mail me a standard rejection letter. Many never bothered to reply. Bloodhound Books will publish my novel in November 2018 - four months after it was accepted. 


Friday, September 21, 2018

Publishing Journey

Publishing Journey

At first it looked promising. In 1994 I was headhunted by an agent who was listed in The Writers and Artist's Handbook and The Writer's Year Book. Unfortunately he was unable to find a publisher and said that it may have been because of the unusual subject of the novel, which was opera.  

24 years and 6 novels later Bloodhound Books are going to publish my crime novel in November.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Success at Last

After 24 years of trying to find a publisher Bloodhound Books are going to publish my crime novel
The Doll Collector.

Their administration is impressive. From the beginning I have been welcomed and made to feel part of the Bloodhound family.