Outback Writer

Monday, May 28, 2007


EUMERALLA is now available on Amazon.

I am adapting Vissi d'arte into a film script. It's more difficult that I imagined. The dialogue scenes are fine and they zip along, but when I get to emotions and people's internal thoughts it's more difficult, but I'll persevere.

The Richmond Writers' Circle continues to flourish. Suzanne Bugler's second novel MEET ME AT THE BOATHOUSE has been published by Hodder Headline. I hope it has the success that it deserves.

Annie, Jessica, Louise ad I went to a stunning production of AIDA a few weeks ago at The Richmond Theatre. It was leap out of your seat stuff. The best opera productions I've seen have been at Richmond. Ellen Kent productions know what they are doing. I saw Tosca in 2004. The production was perfect. Not a thing to criticise. When I heard one of the minor characters singing I thought, 'Heavens, what on earth are the leads going to be like?' Sublime is the answer. Scarpia was handsome, but managed to look sinister, so powerful was his stage presence. The near rape scene had me terrified. Tosca sang Vissi d'arte lying on the floor. A stunt girl jumped off the battlements. It's better than anything I've seen at The Royal Opera House or at The ENO. I never want to see Tosca again, because I know I'll be disappointed.